We believe that how difficult for the new users of the wireless range extender to establish the connection with the Netgear wifi device. But today we will going to help those new users of the wireless range extenders to establish the connection. If you are using such type of the router which is having the hidden SSID, then their extender will not detect the device during the extender setup.

Here are the steps for connecting the extender to the device which is having hidden SSID

Step 1: Supply power to the range extender and wait until the moment so that it gets restarted.

Step 2: Make the connection of the wireless client device along with the default SSID of the extender device that you are using. By doing so, you will have the New extender setup page opened into the default browser of your computer.

If you find that the extender setup or the Netgear booster setup is not opening automatically, then you can open the website which is www

Step 3: For managing the whole account, you will need to create the account and then click on the option of the next. setup

Step 4: On the welcome screen of your Netgear genie make the selection of the wifi range extender for entering into the setup page. The setup wizard will automatically scans for the existing network that are in the range of the device.

Step 5: In some of the cases if the SSID of your router is hidden, then you will get the list. Make the selection of the radio button which will shows you the manually input my wireless SSID and then choose the option of the next.

Step  6: In the box for entering the network name just enter that.

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The normal internet surfing is allowed on the both 2.4 and the 5GHz bands to connect.  Using this mode the Wi-Fi band range can extend, but at the same time, the performance of the Wi-Fi is reduced.

The Fast Lane Technology is the technology that offers the maximum Wi-Fi performance.  There is a dedicated band connecting the extender and the Wi-Fi device, on the other hand, the second band connect the extender and the Wi-Fi router.  The fast lane technology allows you to Stream HD videos online without buffering and plays online games.  You can also visit mywifiext net setup wizard for more information about the Fast Lane Technology. setup

Please note that when all your devices and the Wi-Fi router support 2.4 GHz Band or 5 GHz, then do not enable the Fast Lane Technology.

The following are the various steps that help you to enable the Fast Lane Technology on your device 

Open the web browser on your computer that is connected to the internet, then type the web address as or you can search for mywifiext net setup wizard, and then press enter.

After that, you redirected to a homepage where you have to enter your username and password.

mywifiext net setup wizard

Type the username as admin and the password as password in the space provided.

The internet Surfing radio button is selected by default.  After that, you have to tap on the FastLane Technology radio button. Under this setting, you have the two options.

  1. The extender-to-router in 2.4 GHz and the Device-to-extender in 5 GHz only.
  2. Extender-to-extender in 5 GHz only and Device-to-extender in 2.4 GHz only.

After selecting the required settings, you have to click on the Apply to save the settings you made.  You can search the internet as mywifiext net setup wizard to get more information about the Fast Lane Technology.


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When we use Wi-Fi booster device like extenders then we are really concerned about the setup of our Wi-Fi booster device with Wi-Fi router.

As these boosters will re-broadcast the Wi-Fi signals and make them available in areas where router was not able to do so, the correct setup of Wi-Fi booster is always important.

Here at www mywifiext net setup details page, we bring the setup tips for Wi-Fi booster like extenders.

Choosing Wi-Fi Extender Brand

While most of the people look for much info for selecting the extender, I would like to simply recommend going with the brand that your router is of.

Every manufacturer has its own standardized technology, different manufacturer’s design and code vary a little differently. To boost the performances every brand has their different technological wording or terms.

So if our router and extender are of different brands then there might be a case for compatibility issue. In such case we will to cross reference both brands and will be bit problematic to resolve. So using router and extender of same brand is recommended.

Extender speed

Extender’s speed rating should always be equal to or higher than our router’s speed. The lowest speed becomes the entire network speed. So an extender with same speed rating or higher rating as that of our router is recommended for better overall network speed.

Installing extender at right place

After purchasing the correct extender we need to place them at correct place in order to get correct speed and over entire required area. Extender is like a pseudo router, so we should place it in the same way as we do for router.

Extender should be placed at such a place from where it gets full network with router i.e. router’s signal should be good at that place. Also we should take care of correct distance between router and extender.

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