Netgear wifi extender setup instructions

You can enable the NAT function on your EX6100 device if you want to use a separate and dedicated network for your home or office.  By accessing the login page for your device, you can manage all the advanced settings for your device.  You can save all the settings and configuration on your device using the backup file feature.  The backup file will help you to restore the same previous configuration.  For more information about EX 6100 device, you can search for www mywifiext net setup.

The following are the various steps that help you to enable NAT for EX6100 device

  • You have to search for the various Wi-Fi network that is available to EX6100 device.  After that open the web browser on your computer and type the web address in the address bar menu or search www mywifiext net setup and then press enter.
  • You can also search the web address IP address if you are encountering a problem with the previous address.

  • In the next step, select the Setup under the LAN Setup tab.
  • You can enable the NAT function for your EX6100, using the checkbox.
  • You have to fill in the details about your IP address and then click on the Save button at last. For more information, you can search the web for www mywifiext net setup.

The above are the steps that help you to manage the NAT settings for your EX6100 device.  From the blog page of the website, you can get more details about the configuration for the Netgear and Wi-Fi extender device.

Don’t forget to visit the blog page of the official website to get the complete details for the ex6100.  You can also visit the web address as www mywifiext net setup for more about the EX6100 device.


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