access control feature for netgear wifi extender

Only for those users of EX700 this blog is beneficial who want to restrict the other computers or devices for getting connected with the device

Here are the steps for doing this task

Step 1: You must need to use the computer which is connected with the internet either through the wireless medium or the wired medium.

Step 2: Start your web browser such as internet explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and visit to the website which is http into the address bar of your using browser and press the button for enter.

mywifiext net setup

Step 3: After the loading of the website, you have to enter the details for the email id and the password. After entering both of the details click on the login button.

Step 4: On the page for the netgear genie choose the option for the settings on your mywifiext setup

and then click on the option for the connected devices. setup

Step 5: Have a look to the table for the wifi devices

Step 6: make the selection of the enable access control feature and after that just make the selection of the devices to which to want to deny the access. At last, click on the option of save for getting all of the settings saved successfully.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully configured the access control feature on your device and after this you can only connect only those devices with the internet that you have selected.

This technique is beneficial for those who are secured about their internet connection so, that the unauthorised devices cannot access to the internet. If you are among those persons just apply this technique today and secure your network system.

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